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My Story

Ayla and Peony As I sat watching the news in early October of 2001, I switched over to the Animal Planet and suddenly found myself looking at the most adorable creature imaginable. My first alpaca. Needless to say it was an epiphany for me. I realized I owned a winter white coat for about 15 years and a black links knit sweater for more than 18. Both products still looked like new, which left an impression on me as to how the fiber can hold up after so many years. Also now I had the face of the animal from which they were made, permanently burned into my memory. That is all it took for me to start the odyssey. Having become fed up with my current lifestyle in suburban Queens and knowing I always loved the beauty of the mountains and wanted land someday, I felt maybe this was the time for a change. Where? No clue.

Immediately following that alpaca commercial, I went on line and started the search. The following day I called AOBA, they sent out the Farm and Ranch Guide and I quickly learned of a farm about an hour away. I also subscribed to Alpaca Magazine. Then I started receiving brochures from other Northeastern farms and notices of alpaca shows in the near future.

Visiting my first farm, I fell in love with these animals. Then I went to the North American Alpaca Show (NAAS) in April of 2002 and simply could not get enough. I loved the smell of them, the sounds they made and of course those faces....I also had the pleasure of meeting two future friends.

Shortly after the show I received a notice in the mail from an upstate NY farm offering a seminar. I must attend. I learned much in two days. I realized beyond a shadow of doubt that I needed to be around alpacas and that I was sure I could handle the caring of them. Visiting other farms I became even more convinced I must find a way to make this happen. On the way home from an alpaca filled weekend the 4th of July, 2002, a wrong turn was made. There was the sign welcoming me to Vermont and then to the left was a barn like structure with a sign "FOR SALE". A week later the house in suburban Queens was sold. On September 18th, 2002 I moved to the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont. All within a year of seeing that commercial. Which proves two things. One- TV can be good for you and two - dreams do come true.

-- Sandra J. Gordon

For a small fee visitors are welcome to meet the alpacas up close & personal. All proceeds go to the care of the herd. For all weekday visits, please call for an appointment.
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